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Trauma from prior relationships or situations prevent you from fully letting go during intimacy

You don't always reach climax 

You feel like you are often "in your head" rather than fully present in your body during intimacy

You  are a woman who struggles with being fully confident in the bedroom

This class may be for you if:

You would love the freedom to fully enjoy yourself in the bedroom

Body confidence is something many women struggle with and don't feel comfortable talking about.  As a women, I know first hand how difficult it can be to feel confident in your own body, especially in today's society where unrealistic beauty standards are so prevalent and the naturally occurring changes to the body that women encounter after childbirth or with age aren't embraced or valued culturally.  In addition to those changes, trauma from abuse or harmful past experiences can add an additional layer of difficulty when it comes to fully enjoying intimacy. Developing body confidence, and fully embracing the divine feminine within is truly an inside job. This unique hypnosis course will jumpstart the process by allowing you to fully connect with your body energetically, focusing on the positive aspects of your body and uncovering subconscious blocks and energetic encumbrances keeping you from having amazing intimate experiences.  

You are working on self development and personal growth

Body confidence training is a three part individualized course which will assist you with realizing and releasing any subconscious blocks to fully enjoying your intimate experiences. This class will address self confidence issues enabling you fully let go; allowing your heart, mind, body and soul to naturally enjoy intimacy. You will remove subconscious blocks and create new levels of satisfaction in your intimate interactions with a partner and by yourself. Imagine being able to effortlessly give and receive pleasure during intimacy . This class will guide you towards awakening your inner vixen and unlocking a new found sense of confidence and enjoyment with every intimate encounter! 

You will learn:

  • Be fully present in your body during intimacy, fully feeling and enjoying every aspect of the experience 
  • Learn how to recognize and release energetic blocks that may be keeping from you really enjoying intimacy
  • Become fully aware of how to enable your body to reach climax easily and effortlessly
  • Use hypnosis to be able to expand your range of abilities in the bedroom
  • Use hypnosis to tap into your natural feminine  energy and bring a new level of sensuousness to the bedroom 

Imagine Being Able to 

Why should I take classes at Healing Hypnosis Center?

  • Classes are taught by a professional and experienced trainer (NGH Certified Hypnotist) who is actively practicing
  • You have the option of learning from the comfort of your own home, this course is offered in person or virtually through a live Zoom virtual classroom
  • Participants will learn how to use somatic  self hypnosis practices to resolve real-life issues
  • Each course is individually curated, participants receive  one on one training allowing for personalized support
  • Participants will receive a free E-book to reinforce themes taught in the class
  • Participants will receive individualized hypnosis recordings for continued support and reinforcement

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This course is taught in 3 sessions for  $350 (payment plans are available - non refundable deposit is required upon signing up . Click the button below to begin the process of reconnecting with your body!  

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