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Self hypnosis 

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Shadow work  Classes

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 This is for you if you are ready to begin the process of re-owning your shadow and learning how to Identify the disowned parts of yourself usually hidden in the deep recesses of the subconscious mind. 

Body Confidence 
 for women

Hypnotist certification

This is for you if you’re ready to enjoy intimacy to the fullest.  Learn how to use hypnosis to bring yourself and your partner (if you choose) to new heights of passion and pleasure in the bedroom.

This is for you if have had some experience with hypnosis or have done some informal training and are ready to take it to the next step and get certified to help others. 

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 Intimacy Course
for Couples


Rachel is an outstanding hypnotherapist! She came up with suggestions that were so helpful and unique to my problem. I also started seeing results almost immediately. Would definitely recommend.

"I started seeing results almost immediately"


Loving my hypnosis sessions with Rachel. It is helping me become more confident and believe in the healing powers of my body. Helps me relax and is healing me from the inside out. Highly recommend hypnosis if you are looking for deep relaxation, getting in touch with your bodies healing capabilities, and building confidence in your own self.

"It is helping me become more confident"


Rachel provides excellent care/ is caring/ is a great communicator/ is highly skilled/ shows great concern for the individual and provides personalized care/ is very intuitive and receptive/ effectively establishes trust/ educates in regard to hypnosis and over-all well- being/ incorporates client concerns and needs in a holistic manner - I highly recommend Rachel as she exceeded my expectations in regard to hypno-therapy. 

"Rachel provides excellent care"