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As a result of my own lived experiences, personal transformation and holistic healing became not only a passion but almost a lifesaving endeavor for me.  My unwavering dedication to guiding individuals towards their highest potential has propelled me to continuously  innovate new methodologies for personal well being and self-realization .

Blending my academic expertise with time tested hands-on experience, I have meticulously crafted a client-centered methodology aimed at reprogramming the subconscious mind and dismantling self-limiting roadblocks. Countless hours of coursework,  reading, study and observation has led me to  understand the subconscious mind - body connection such that I can provide tools and resources to empower my clients to reconnect with their higher selves, facilitating true authentic transformation from within.

Specializing in Past Life Regression, I provide my clients with invaluable insights into current life challenges, behaviors, and patterns that may have persisted across lifetimes or that are hardcoded into their DNA through the traumatic lived experiences of their ancestors. Through this exploration, augmented by complementary modalities such as breathwork, Reiki, and energy healing practices, we work together to catalyze genuine transformative change,  heightened awareness and profound self-discovery.

Driven by a mission to help everyone achieve their utmost potential, l embody a holistic ethos that promotes success, happiness, and vitality. My practice is rooted in the cultivation of self-empowerment, equipping my clients with the tools they need to embrace each moment with confidence and live the life they desire.

My extensive credentials and training serve as a testament to my commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Hofstra University, certification as a Hypnotist and Instructor by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and mastery in various regression techniques, including Past Life Regression and Between Lives Regression, I aim to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my practice.

As a registered Kemetic Yoga Teacher and 6th Generation Usui Reiki Master, my holistic approach to healing encompasses mind, body, and spirit, offering my clients a comprehensive pathway to holistic wellness and personal growth.

Allow me  to join you on a journey of self-discovery, introspection and transformation, where you'll unlock the depths of your subconscious mind and embrace your fullest potential!


and I'm honored that you've decided to embark on this journey of self discovery with me!   

I'm Rachel

"Rachel's ability to focus my being's receptivity to specific spectra of ki allowed for vivid recognition of many things. Most calming and soothing reiki sessions imaginable. Friendly and hospitable office park location."
 - Jason

"Who ever thought a groupon could offer you a life changing experience? I met Rachel a little over a year ago. She has a nice, inviting, and warm space. Before the hypnosis she provided a thorough consultation, went over my goals & explained what would happen. I am happy to report with Rachel's help, I was able to break up with Parliament Light 100s after a 20-year relationship. Thank you so much"

"I don’t even know where to begin! She was excellent! Listened to everything I said and applied it! I have not felt this good in my life!"

"Wonderful energy! I highly recommend giving her a try. She asked the right questions and listen to all of my concerns. It didn’t feel rushed and she took her time addressing the major issues. I would definitely see her again."

"I tried hypnosis many years ago without success but never abandoned my hope of achieving success. This time and no doubt, because of Rachel's extremely soothing voice, assurance and guidance, I did just that. I left feeling rested, energized, hopeful and yes, healed. If, like me, you are fascinated by hypnosis and the power of the mind, I highly recommend you give Healing Hypnosis a try."

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  • Services are provided by a professional and experienced  NGH Certified Hypnotist who has been actively practicing since 2017
  • You have the option of indulging in deep somatic, transformative processes while being comforted in the  Spa for the Subconscious.
  • You will learn how to use somatic  self hypnosis practices to resolve real-life issues
  • You have the option of receiving individualized hypnosis recordings for continued support and reinforcement