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Science has shown, the process to become who a person becomes in adulthood has already been laid out before birth. A child’s first five years of life are shaped by their mother’s mental health, which means those years play a huge role in helping people become who they are and the ideas they have about who they are and the people around them ( even strangers). When a woman becomes pregnant, everything she feels and experiences in life  is also felt by her unborn child. Any messages or feeling experienced by the mother seeps into the subconscious of the unborn to lay out the groundwork of what people understand of themselves as they grow up – eventually forming the people they become. 
Some people experienced positive feelings and messages during the formative years while others experienced negative emotions and messages which eventually create self limiting beliefs. These beliefs are not always true but your brain and subconscious accepts them as fact. For example, lets say  you were rarely invited to birthday parties when you were younger, this could have formed an imprint making you think you weren’t a good person or that you don't do well in social situations. When your subconscious has formed a belief, it will defend it tooth and nail regardless of the evidence that contradicts it. 

This session begins with a regression to childhood, illuminating unresourceful imprints and self limiting beliefs, we then reconnect with the inner child providing support and guidance to release and reshape energetic blockages.

  • If you have ever felt that something has kept you from achieving success but you weren't able to put your finger on what it was
  • You are ready to challenge your self-limiting beliefs, changing them into powerful affirmations to allow you to get what you want 
  • Difficult childhood experiences have led you to believe that most people are the same. You prefer not to trust anyone to avoid finding yourself in similar  situations but you are interested in possibly suspending that belief and allowing yourself to  be  curious about and open to experience new possibilities.
  • Your interested in working with your inner child to explore unmet  needs and unresolved traumas from childhood. 
  • You have a desire to connecting with and healing your inner child through nurturing and addressing past experiences with compassion and understanding.

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This session is $250 and lasts approximately 90 minutes.
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