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This four session combination package includes two Reiki sessions, two Hypnosis sessions and a complimentary Energy Scan.   This combination provides a powerful tool for personal growth and self- discovery. By integrating the insights gained from your detailed Energy scan into your individually tailored Hypnosis and Reiki sessions you become empowered to take inspired action so you can create positive changes and transform your reality.  We begin with a detailed energy scan to allow for a deeper understanding of  the energetic patterns that you are currently dealing with.  A relaxing hypnosis session follows allowing for an exploration of the subconscious thoughts or beliefs that are causing any energetic blocks and hinder personal growth.  We then follow up with a powerful Reiki session to  continue the process of breaking through limitations and clearing  any energetic barriers that were holding you back from taking risks, pursuing your passions, and reaching your full potential. 
  •  You are interested in removing energetic blocks and cultivating a deep sense of self-belief and self-worth.
  • You are looking to identify any negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You struggle with negative emotions, which are preventing you from taking risks and pursuing our dreams. 
  • You are ready to experience inner peace, empowering you to step outside your comfort zones and embrace new opportunities.
  • You would like to taker a laser focused approach to exploring the subconscious mind, identifying any negative beliefs or thoughts that hinder your progress in life. 

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This 4 session program takes place over 5 weeks. It is $200 a session or $750 if paid in full
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