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This four part individualized combination package includes two Hypnosis sessions, one Reiki session and one Energy scan. These sessions are tailored specifically to your needs, to assist you with realizing and releasing any subconscious and energetic blocks to fully enjoying your intimate experiences. Each session builds upon the last to address any self confidence issues, enabling you to create new levels of satisfaction in your intimate interactions.  The hypnosis sessions will enable you to uncover and reframe any issues rooted in the subconscious that are holding you back from fully enjoying your intimate experiences while the Energy scan gives you a visual representation of any blockages in your Chakras and energy body. The package concludes with a Reiki session to alleviate any remaining energetic blocks allowing you to become open to the possibilities that are available to you within your body. 

**Hypnosis is not intended to be used as a substitute for proper medical care, please ensure that you have consulted your doctor as hypnosis alone may not be beneficial for medically induced issues . Medical issues must be diagnosed and treated by a licensed medical professional.  These sessions are most commonly used to address intimacy issues related to  high stress , high anxiety and/or trauma such as :

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Low Libido
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm during sex

  • You understand that sex is more than just the act itself; it is the ability to feel comfortable enough about yourself (and your partner ) to let go and really enjoy each the experience.
  • You're ready to break the cycle of behavior in your mind where the anxiety or stress created by unpleasant or unfulfilling intimate experiences  feeds itself and grows worse with each repetition
  • You've checked with your doctor to manage any contributing physical factors to your sexual health. and are ready to release any unresourceful subconscious beliefs.
  • You're ready to invite your sensual self to come into your awareness , strengthening your erotic senses and igniting the passion that lives within you. 

This package is for you if...

This 4 session program takes place over 6 weeks. It is $250 a session or $900 if paid in full
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